Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Shrieking Violet is one! Issue 10 food special

The Shrieking Violet is one! Today is the first anniversary of the Shrieking Violet fanzine, and to celebrate I've made a food special. Issue 10 features all sorts of food related articles and recipes.

The beautiful cover is by David Bailey of Mount Pleasant, who also runs the Good Grief fanzine/comic/record/cassette tape shop in Afflecks Palace, which is a good place to pick up copies of The Shrieking Violet. Inside, Hayley Flynn reviews the Manchester Egg. Morag Rose of the Loiterers Resistance Movement explains why she (and friends) made an edible vegan cake map of Manchester. Alan Smith (also of the Loiterers Resistance Movement) has produced an urban foraging guide explaining what berries to pick and what to do with them. I have written about when I decided to eat stinging nettles. Rachel Cranshaw recounts a recent trip to China, explaining how central food is to their culture. Lauren Velvick has beautifully illustrated and written instructions for making damson gin. Aziza Mills discusses the opportunity for dining out as a vegan. Rebecca Willmott talks about a food co-operative that is being set up at Manchester Metropolitan University. In addition, there is creative writing by Kate Thorburn, poetry by Andrew Beswick and short stories by Craig Lochhead, as well as photography by Chris Vaughan and illustration by Alex Boswell.

Copies will be left in places such as Oklahoma, Cornerhouse, Manchester Craft Centre, An Outlet, Koffee Pot, Nexus Art Cafe, Piccadilly Records etc. Paper copies also feature an attempt at lino cutting.

The Shrieking Violet issue 10 can be read online here with all the pages in the right order.

To print and fold your own copy, click here.

Back issues of the Shrieking Violet can be downloaded here.

To obtain a paper copy of this zine or any back issues, email your name and address to

To contribute to future issues email or join The Shrieking Violet fanzine facebook group.

Best enjoyed whilst eating blackberries!

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Eva said...

Nice to see The Shrieking Violet is doing so well, I was looking forward to getting my hands on this issue and reading the reviews of those couple restaurants in Manchester you decided to have a nibble at but alas I was too late. Thankfully you've got an online copy.