Friday, 24 April 2009

An Apathetical Reader

On Wednesday, I went to an open meeting at the Chapel, the newish arts and social space in the old photographic society building in Platt Fields Park, about an exciting new writing project.

Run by Alice White, An Apathetical Reader - which is affiliated with the Chapel Community project - will be an online newspaper dedicated to giving a voice to those in Manchester who feel like they wouldn't normally be heard, or feel isolated from the communities around them.

White describes An Apathetical Reader as "a forum for Manchester's displaced, disheartened and disillusioned individuals that aims to question the meaning of apathy and the effect it has on those around us.

By creating a space for all artists, be it photographers, illustration artists, journalists, writers, poets, musicians, lyric penners, painters, activists, with no specific political charge and no limits on who can enter into the dreamworld of An Apathetical Reader, individuals can be encouraged to realise and release their potential."

She says: "We hope to connect people to create a positive consensus, spread the word of hard work and provide an intelligent zine that encourages every kind of expression."

The site will meld local and national political commentary with features, profiles of inspiring people in the area and arts pieces such as music writing - White, who has a background in music journalism, wants it to be a place for people to go and find music they've never heard about before.

It will also be a forum for people to display their previously unseen work. White says: "It's all about encouragement." The site will show the work of local artists, and also be a place for them to discuss their influences and inspirations, with links to other pages.

Networking will be key to the site, which White describes as a "building process".

An Apathetical Reader is supported by People's Voice Media, an organisation which aims to bring communities closer and encourage independent reporting by members of the community for members of the community.

Like fanzines, the site will be a 'mish mash' of different ideas and themes, but will aim to provide news of what is happening in Manchester.

Inspirations range from music magazine The Stool Pigeon and American counter culture journal Arthur to The Mule, with its mix of analysis and cultural features.

White says: "You can get a news story from anywhere, from council meetings to MPs' surgeries. Try and be probing, anything could come of it."

An Apathetical Reader will feature:

* Quality local journalism on crucial issues that affect the city's people

* Poetry straight from the red-brick hedged canals

* Illustration of every kind

* Photography of you and the building behind you

* Artwork of interest

* Features on Manchester's bright lights

* Music journalism with real content.

To get involved, contact or attend one of the meetings at the Chapel to meet likeminded people.

Join the facebook group here.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping I could find an e-mail listed here, but since I can't, please accept my apologies for using the comments to ping you.

There's an exhibition on this week of 2nd year Photography MMU students I think you may be interested in. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks since you we're listed on the MEN blog. Details about the exhibition can be found here:


Kian Ryan

The Shrieking Violet said...

Hi, i can't figure out how to post comments on your blog, but thanks for telling me about this! I went today, it's a really nice gallery and the work was interesting. Googlemaps took me a complicated way, but I had a wander along the River Irwell through Salford and back through Deansgate afterwards, so a nice morning in general!

I had no idea about that MEN Blog thing, so thanks letting me know about that too!