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Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention – stallholders

Twigs and Apples (Preston)

Twigs and Apples is a North West UK-based zine collective, started in 2009. It operates as an open collective and, as such, has a wide range of content, including art, writing, poetry, illustration, film and music reviews, sports writing, vegan recipes, photography, DIY and craft, philosophy and the odd rant. Twigs and Apples is fuelled by biscuits, tea and bicycle rides into the night.

Footprint Workers Co-operative (Leeds) 

Footprint is small printers based in Leeds. It print booklets, zines, leaflets, stickers, newsletters, fliers, books, CD wallets and that sort of gubbins. It wishes to be straightforward, friendly, responsible and responsive, rather than “aiming to deliver comprehensive multi-platform printing solutions to clients in the voluntary and vocationally-challenged sectors”. Footprint does this as ethically as it can, printing on proper recycled papers, powered by a genuine green electricity tariff and using the least environmentally damaging processes it can find. Footprint also gives a percentage of the money it makes to worthy projects. Footprint is a workers co-operative, which means the business is owned by the workers. As they have no bosses they run it as they want, doing interesting jobs for interesting people.

Melanie Maddison/Shape & Situate zine (Leeds) 

Shape & Situate is a zine of posters made by artists and DIY creative folk from within Europe, each poster highlighting the (often hidden) history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe, as a way of connecting us with the past and the present through a dynamic cultural (re-)articulation of these women’s lives. The zine aims to activate feminist cultural memory, to inspire in the present and to visually bring women’s social and political history to life and into view. 

zimZalla (Sale)

zimZalla is a publishing project intermittently releasing avant objects. Previous releases include a miniature book with accompanying magnifying glass, unique micro texts in medicinal vials and a board game to generate multiple chance readings of a poem text.

Josh Payne and Karl Child (Southport/Preston) 

Josh Payne’s zines and books are made to encourage exploration and observation. One zine is called Journeys to mark the journey he went through to come up with a concept; the concept ended up being the actual journey he embarked on. The next publication is an expansion on the first journey and ended becoming a book. This is to encourage people to go out, be observant and explore the world around them to make their own work and is in a note book format consisting of subtle journeys that Josh has been through. The books are called Notes.
Bound (Manchester) 

Bound Collective is five designers from Manchester who are inspired by design, photography, music, culture and, most importantly, the environment around them, and have created a publication to celebrate this! Bound is not your typical city guide. You won’t find department stores, over-subscribed club nights or chain restaurants as Bound will focus on what makes Manchester unique. Bound wants to present the city’s residents and visitors with an alternative view, focusing on the vibrant locations and independent businesses that are often overlooked. 

Lynne Shaw (Stoke-on-Trent) 

Lynne Shaw specialises in Artist Books produced using traditional book binding methods, printing and digital imagery. Her books encompass a wide range of themes, including the chronicling of her past, urban degeneration and football. Light hearted projects include breathing new life into images from old books and using vintage Bunty and Judy annuals.
Artist Books: Conceive, make, share and adore... 

Black Dogs (Leeds) 

Black Dogs is an art collective formed in 2003 in Leeds. Its output has included formal exhibitions, relational and participatory installations, public events and interventions, publications, video, audio works and records and collaborative learning projects. The membership of the group is notionally fluid and can vary on a project-to-project basis, although in practice the group has a fairly consistent core of ten members currently living and working between Leeds, London, Bradford and Milton Keynes. 

Sugar Paper (Manchester) 

Sugar Paper is a bi-annual craft zine featuring 20 things to make and do, from knitting to recipes, old school crafts to fun things to do with your gang, all peppered with whatever they’re obsessing over at the time! 

Crow Versus Crow (Halifax) 

Crow Versus Crow is an interdisciplinary project based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, presenting, to date, limited physical editions, a community radio show and podcast and live music events exploring the intersection between contemporary DIY and non-mainstream music and visual art culture.

FAKE Magazine (Leeds) 

FAKE is a quarterly independent fashion and visual arts magazine. It gives its readers access to the very latest emerging creative talent, featuring insightful photography, innovative fashion, beautiful illustration, funny and thought-provoking articles, independent venues and businesses, fresh talent, creative projects and much more. Everything within the pages of FAKE is exclusively commissioned for each issue. FAKE isn’t what fake is.

Karoline Rerrie – Collaborative zines (Birmingham) 

Karoline Rerrie is an illustrator who creates images by hand using drawing, painting, silk screen printing and Japanese Gocco printing. She produces a range of printed multiples including zines and artists’ books. She also co-ordinates the publication of limited edition postcard books, zines and colouring books featuring her artwork and that of other women illustrators.

Paul Loudon and David Carden (Manchester) 

Acclaimed freelance illustrator Paul Loudon presents an exciting and unique introspective of his upcoming girl-centric graphic novel Bust-Up. The fanzine includes character profiles, snippets of the action, tips, techniques and curves in all the right places.

Musician and doodler David Carden presents two books inspired by Manchester Art Gallery. Adventures In British Painting is a musical tour of the gallery’s 18th and 19th century collections complete with banjo and ukulele fueled sing-songs. Pea Soup Of The Dead is a musical zombie comic book inspired by the paintings of LS Lowry and Adolphe Valette with a War Of The Worlds-esque soundtrack to boot. David will also be showcasing other projects which he may or may not get round to actually doing. He is after all a very lazy illustrator.
Nude magazine (Nationwide) 

Nude magazine is an arts and culture publication, which has always been a zine at heart in that the editors, publishers and contributors always without exception wrote about issues and events which were very close to them and which they felt a personal passion for. The publishers, Suzy and Ian, are very happy to watch the resurgence of printed fanzines and hope it’s here to stay.

Jo Wilkinson (Leeds) 

Jo Wilkinson is a Leeds-based illustrator. She makes zines with ideas born from a variety of sources including tissue paper on tangerines, observational drawing in sketchbooks and imaginary stuff found only in her fluffy head. She loves to use collage, found ephemera, letter stamps, drypoint and pop up mechanisms in her work. Even a 1970s typewriter makes a recurring appearance!

Jo makes prints using techniques like drypoint, relief, mono and intaglio processes. She also uses Chine-colle. She is currently working on a new series entitled ‘Noah’s Boats’.

Silent V (Norwich) 

Silent V is an absurdist science fiction saga set in a constantly shifting, illogical universe. Its fifth issue has just been completed, and will be launched at this year’s Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention.

Young Explorer (Manchester) 

Young Explorer is a brand new zine about stuff and things by Elizabeth Murray Jones and Steve Carlton. The first ever issue has a ‘Home and Away’ theme and includes bits about being brought up in a rubbish town, day trips, a home appliance-related comic and a couple of bits of enthusiastic waffle about music and that.

Vapid Kitten (Manchester)

Feminist duo Vapid Kitten will be constructing issue 8 of their fanzine (published both in print and for Kindle) throughout the day at the Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention. Themed 'Collaboration', it aims to include a big mishmash of experiences, words, drawings, collage and poems.

Vapid Kitten will provide some arty equipment and suggestions to get you started and would like to get as many people involved as possible. At the end of the day everyone involved will get a free digital copy of the zine. 

Shift Space (Sheffield)

Shift Space fuses art, education and new technology to explore ways of immersing people in the environment around them. Through the application of art and the power of digital technology, Shift Space brings people together regardless of age, background or ability to form connections with each other and their local landscape engaging in the spaces they occupy, real or virtual, in new and imaginative ways. Shift Space’s zines are examinations of the world through art, digital and print.

Manifesto (Glasgow)

Manifesto is an occasional free artists' zine. Founded in 2008, Manifesto is resolutely DIY and non-digital. It has an open submissions policy and loves hand drawn/painted images, handwritten texts, Polaroid photos, printmaking, collage or pretty much anything you can fit into a photocopier. Manifesto also makes screenprints in a shed.
UHC, MMDC & Textbook Studio (Manchester)

Working in Hotspur House, Ultimate Holding Company, Manchester Municipal Design Corporation and Textbook Studio work on socially engaged art projects, graphic design and education, often together.

Expect a cross section of their hand finished 'zines, booklets, posters, prints and artist's books, both self initiated and products of other collaborations.


Corridor8 (Manchester) 

Corridor8 is an annual international journal of contemporary visual arts and writing based in the North of England.

Salford Zine Library (Manchester) 

Salford Zine Library was formed in January 2010 and aims to showcase and share creative work in the self-published form. The archive is open to all to contribute. You can visit the Library at Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester.

Other Way Up Press (Manchester)

Other Way Up Press is a bookarts/fanzine publisher with work in numerous national collections. It will be presenting a selection of its output to date and will be accompanied on the stall by other artists including Cyprus-based artist Natalie Yiaxi and photographer Cherry Styles.
Pomona Books (Keighley) 

Pomona is an independent publishing company with a roster including Simon Armitage, Barry Hines, Hunter Davies, Ray Gosling, Ian McMillan, Boff Whalley and many more. It was formed by writer Mark Hodkinson whose acclaimed novel The Last Mad Surge Of Youth focuses on the post punk scene of the early 1980s.

Closed Caption (Sheffield)

Closed Caption aims to make subversive content through appropriation. This new group, which now replaces Rotherham Zine Library, will make zines that twist found content to create new meaning and revel in the absurdity of social norms.

Closed Caption intend to use the zine library as a resource and are looking at how they can add their collection to existing events and places to create interesting new ways to read zines. They also hope to develop the collection by trading zines with others around the world.

Deerly Beloved Bakery (Norwich)

Deerly Beloved Bakery is proud to be celebrating its first birthday at the Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention, returning with good food that is cruelty free including vegan cakes, whoopie pies, brownies and savoury pies and pizza slices. Deerly Beloved Bakery specialises in vegan cakes, pastries, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, breads, salads, starters, mains and desserts. It does not use any animal products. All cakes and bakes are made by hand in small batches using real bourbon vanilla, unrefined non-bone char sugars and margarines free from hydrogenated fats. No artificial preservatives or flavourings are used.

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