Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Shrieking Violet Issue 7

Issue 7 of the Shrieking Violet is out now!Justify Full
Featuring snow - the words of Diary of a Bluestocking EP Niblock accompanied by the photos of Andrew Beswick (who has compiled the best photo-diary of snowmen I have ever seen!).

Catriona Gray on the joys of boardgames (something funny happened to the picture of monopoly - the logo is back to front and the pdf added a white border to the photo. I do not know why). Adam Faulkner on French music. My article saying farewell to URBIS. Chris Lane and Peter Huntley of North West New Wave on independent film in Manchester and the North West. A short story by Nick Mitchell. My recipe for mushroom soup and Anthony Watt's red cabbage. Listings.

And a beautiful cover by Kate Alexandra McLeish.

Here is the download link for the print-and-fold-your-own or try-to-follow-the-order-of-the-pages-onscreen version.

Free paper copies will be scattered lightly across places such as Piccadilly Records, Cornerhouse, Koffee Pot, Nexus Art Cafe, Good Grief, Noise cafe, Oklahoma and Central Library.

There is also a postal order service. To request a copy, send your name and address to

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