Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Shrieking Violet Issue 4

November's self-assembly Issue of the Shrieking Violet Can be downloaded here.

Quite a pretty issue, with a beautiful, beautiful front cover by Lora Avedian, illustration by Laura Skilbeck (this is a page by itself which slots into the front cover of the fanzine), Fuchsia Macaree and Jennifer Bell and photography by Adam Faulkner.

There is also poetry by Andrew Beswick.

There is an article on the proposed elected mayor for Manchester by Andrew Bowman and a report on the EDL march in Piccadilly Gardens by Adam Faulkner.

I wrote about Manchester's forgotten palaces (see previous posts). I also made my first attempt at illustration. I like the pictures better than the article, which didn't turn out quite as I hoped.

Emily McPhillips
wrote a charming short story.

There are also listings and things to make and do:

a sewing pattern by Rebecca Willmott plus recipes by Rebecca and Rosa Martyn.

The editorial contains a mini-appreciation of the poet Carol Batton, who I will probably write more about later.

There will also be paper copies around town. It is free.

I am looking for contributors for December's Issue. I would be particularly interested in receiving Christmas/ seasonal recipe ideas!


Jim W said...

Hello,it's taking about 90 minutes to download. Can you stick it on something faster such as Google Sites? Thanks!

emily josephine mcphillips said...

hey natalie,

i'm just downloading the zine now; looking forward to seeing it.

just a bit of a typo (eep, sorry) it's jennifer bell, not josephine, i see you must have got mixed up with my middle name! too many j's! not hard to get mixed up when you take on such a project - it's just really brilliant that you do it at all :)

well, i hope your halloween get together was a blast & that you're doing good. xx

The Shrieking Violet said...

Ohhhhhh no! That's so embarrassing! I can't believe I made such a fundamental mistake :(. Also, I only put one 'l' in your name, oops! Argh this issue has been so hard! I've been so tired and busy lately! Need to get back to making music soon! I'll try to get you a paper copy, probably bring one into the library.

Zomzara said...

I got my copy thanks ;)
The zine is good, I like the concept a lot. Thanks very much for sending me a copy. The postcard you sent along with it was really lovely. In answer to your question: yes I have been to Manchester. But only once, for the Noise Festival event where I won a sort of award type thing. It is a beautiful city. I'd like to return one day.

And ha, I read the typo too! It really doesn't matter. The link to my website is correct and that's the important bit. So thanks a lot for that.

Keep in touch and let me know if ever you want any help in the form of illustrations, stories or whatever.

Thanks again,
Jennifer Bell.

MADESIGNLAB2010 said...

Hi, we are very interested in what you are doing and would like to collaborate in the future....


MADESIGNLAB2010 said...

PS are there still physical copies of issue 4 available? And older issues too? The pdf was broken...